Apr 19

Steve Watt

Steve Watt After graduating from university, Steve Watt entered the education profession as a teacher and later as an advisor in the then Natal Education department, Educational Field Studies Section.He developed an interest in South African military history, becoming involved in the study of  the major conflicts in South Africa. Emphasis was, and still is, placed on visits to battle sites, memorials, forts and cemeteries. His knowledge over the years has led to  him becoming an authority on the subject as well as a tour guide. Interest is inculcated in many of the people of whom are prepared to avail themselves of his knowledge.
Steve is the author of four publications of the Second Anglo-Boer War. One of these is In Memoriam in which are the detailed particulars of all the 25 300 Imperial soldiers who fell in the conflict. In addition he has written numerous stories about the Anglo-Boer War which appeared in the South African Military History Journal. These can be viewed on the website http://www.samilitaryhistory.org/journal.html Steve's maintains his interest in fieldwork in the sites and is an advisor the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Read his paper here >> Senekal and Biddulphsburg



    I’ve just been given your article on Uitspanfontein, De Pannen, with the box about my great grandfather Col. Eyre Crabbe. I’m very grateful to read it because though I have been researching his military career for some time this was not an engagement I knew much about at all. If you were interested in more details about his life and career I would be happy to send them.

  2. Justin Bernhard

    Hi Steve,
    Please can you contact me

  3. Arthur

    Nice going Steve!

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