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Local History

This just in, thanks Robin! Howzit, Arthur, I had an excited call from an old friend from Botha's Hill, telling me that she had just read in JC vd Walt's True Stories (p. 59) that the ailing British troops at Eshowe  dosed themselves with, among other things, Lamplough's Antipyretic Saline.  She wanted to know if there was any family connection.  I had not heard of this preparation before but discovered that in its day it was a rival of Eno's (also used at Eshowe).  The inventor and manufacturer came from the same corner of Yorkshire as my forebears but I could not establish a direct link.    I'm still working on it in the hope that there is a bit of undistributed wealth to be unearthed there! Regards, Robin Lamplough

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  1. Richard Lamplugh

    Hi Robin,

    Not too many people about with your surname and with you being in South Africa would I be right to assume you are descended from the famous Rev. Robert Lamplough.
    If that is the case I am sure that there is a direct link to the also famous Henry Lamplough of “Pyretic Saline” fame.
    Maybe I could help you establish that link.

    Regards, Richard Lamplugh,
    Yorkshire, England.


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