Dec 24

Natalia 40

NATALIA 40 For any Natal history buff, the appearance of Natalia, the journal of the Natal Society Trust, is a red-letter day. The publication of Natalia 40 in December 2010 proved no exception.
Of interest to many will be the reproduction of the text of an address given about 1930 by a woman who remembered Pietermaritzburg fifty years early, in the second half of the 19th century. Elizabeth van Heyningen's account of the Maritzburg concentration camp can be set against Johan Wassermann's article on the Afrikaner loyalists in Natal, despised by their own kin and not entirely trusted by officialdom. A surprise for many will be Witness journalist Stephen Coan's report on the murder of a German prisoner of war and the ensuing trial of two of his fellow prisoners in Pietermaritzburg. Mike Cottrell contributes an article on the Point to Durban railway, opened in 1860, while another, from Duncan du Bois, examines the arrival of the first indentured Indian labourers in the same year. Bill Bizley's article on the political demise of AWG Champion as leader of the ICU throws new light on early African politics in the province. And the recent appearance of schoolboy Spud in local cinemas is placed in context by an exploration of the British school tradition in its South African form. There are, in addition, the usual fascinating details to be found in the Notes and Queries section, including a look by Adrian Koopman at the impact of the word 'vuvuzela' on the world of 2010. Read Natalia 40 here Copies of this journal are available from the Secretary, Patrick McKenzie, at P.O. Box 11093, DORPSPRUIT, 3206. The full Natalia archive, however, can be found at: http://natalia.org.za. This Natal Society Foundation website is well worth a visit. ROBIN LAMPLOUGH

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  1. ~Ed

    Bravo Robin! Thank you for this letter, what a great Christmas present! I am sure all our readers will thoroughly enjoy the Natalia 40 publication as well as the full archives to be found at the Natal Society Website! (see the Links section on the right hand side of the Home page)
    It just remains for me to wish all our contributors and visitors well over the festive season.

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