Jan 02

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Link to Madam and Eve. Proudly South African!


  1. ~Ed

    On the topic of Social Networking click on the latest link above!
    What do you think?
    Any connection to the fundamental rights of the individual: eg freedom of speech, free press, democracy, etc, ?

  2. Lionelb

    Seems to add some life to your home page !

  3. Arthur Fregona

    This is very important reading for those who abhor the increasing control exercised by commercial corporates and advertising as well as those government institutions who are actually eroding our basic freedoms, and imposing a tyranny they have created for their own purposes!

    Some organisations lock users to their services and deny them basic privacy and autonomy.

    “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains…..”
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    It is vital that we let people everywhere know about the existence and use of free software, So please help spread the word!

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