Education is a basic and fundamental right of each and every human being....

This poem by D H Lawrence sums up the worlds malaise very well
I think he is dead-right but I would add the line .....".Education should be free!"

Money Madness- D.H. Lawrence

The Poem-


Money is our madness, our vast collective madness.

And of course , if the multitude is mad
The individual carries his own grain of insanity around with him.
I doubt if any man living hands out a pound note without a pang;
And a real tremor , if he hands out a ten-pound note.
We quail, money makes us quail .
It has got us down , we grovel before it in strange terror .
And no wonder, for money has a fearful cruel power among men .

But it is not money we are terrified of ,
it is the collective money - madness of mankind.
For mankind says with one voice : How much is he worth ?
Has he no money ? Then let him eat dirt , and go cold -

And if I have no money , they will give me a little bread ,
So I do not die,
but they will make me eat dirt for it .
I shall have to eat dirt , I shall have to eat dirt
if I have no money

Mads look at sick world
It is that I am afraid of .
And that fear can become a delirium
It is fear of my money-mad fellow-man.
We must have some money
To save us from eating dirt .

And this is wrong.
Bread should be free ,
shelter should be free ,
fire should be free
[important]Education should be free![/important]
to all and anybody , all and anybody , all over the world.

We must regain our sanity about money
before we start killing one another about it .
It's one thing or the other.


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