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Jan 16

Knife Through Butter

KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER: THE MACEDONIAN CAVALRY WEDGE Article published here by kind permission of  author Justin Swanton (Member, Society of Ancients) Graphic enhancement by ~Ed In the late summer of 338BC a Macedonian army estimated at about 30,000 infantry and 2,000 cavalry faced off against an allied Greek army of about 35,000 men. The Greeks …

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May 15

The Anglo Zulu War

Battle of Isandlwana  Part of the Anglo-Zulu War The Battle of Isandlwana on 22 January 1879 was the first major encounter in the Anglo-Zulu War between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oct 26

Getting into the Laager

Article published here by kind permission of  author Robin LamploughAnyone who has done even a little reading about the British army’s tank corps during the Second World War will be aware that, while awaiting action or further direction, armoured vehicles were often drawn up in a defensive circle called a ‘laager’.  South Africans well-read in …

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Jun 25

“Amazed am I ere I made Zama”

By Patrick Waterson   Article reproduced here by kind permission of the author.(Graphic enhancement by Ed) Certain words, and phrases when moused over will produce floating “glossary” information for enhanced reading. The title palindrome is rather like the standard reconstruction of Hannibal’s intentions for the battle of Zama. It looks neat but something is missing.” …

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Jul 14


Lachish From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Lachish (Hebrew: לכיש‎;  a town located in the Shephelah, a region between Mount Hebron and the maritime plain of Philistia (Joshua 10:3, 5; 12:11). It was first mentioned in the Amarna letters as Lakisha-Lakiša (EA 287, 288, 328, 329, 335). According to the Bible, the Israelites captured and destroyed …

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Jun 06

US Archaeologists Preserve German U-Boats.

by Adam Hochberg July 28, 2008 Original wartime U-boat hunters were military men trained to destroy German submarines. Today’s hunters are divers and archaeologists trying to preserve them. From a government research vessel, they’ve been diving in the waters off Cape Hatteras, N.C., where Dave Alberg of the National Marine Sanctuaries Program says U-boats were …

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