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Today in History

Some good “brain gym”, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much smarter you will become if you make a daily habit of reading this! Join our Happy Band of Time Travellers and do your own “research!” ;A useful tip for those who wish to enhance their historical knowledge with a bit of personal research…… …

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Jan 02

Free Software Foundation

  Link to Madam and Eve. Proudly South African!

Dec 20

Life on Earth kickstarted 3billion years ago.

Life on Earth dramatically surged around three billion years ago, possibly when primitive forms developed more efficient ways to harness energy from sunlight, according to a study.via

Aug 15

Cartoonists take a stand.

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Jun 06

US Archaeologists Preserve German U-Boats.

by Adam Hochberg July 28, 2008 Original wartime U-boat hunters were military men trained to destroy German submarines. Today’s hunters are divers and archaeologists trying to preserve them. From a government research vessel, they’ve been diving in the waters off Cape Hatteras, N.C., where Dave Alberg of the National Marine Sanctuaries Program says U-boats were …

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Jun 02

“Those who forget history are doomed to retweet it.”

Marion Jensen is something of a social scientist because he experiments with social services like Twitter to help put history into context. He is the founder of TwHistory, a collaborative Twitter project in which participants retweet historical events using original source documents in real time as they happened in history.  Marion is also an educator …

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