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Jun 08

The First Selfie

Whole generations have grown up knowing little of the Shroud of Turin and its remarkable image. I hope this film can go some way to put right the manifest injustice that cast it into obscurity and others may now have chance to contemplate the genuine mystery it represents and the questions it asks. If this …

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Today in History

Some good “brain gym”, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much smarter you will become if you make a daily habit of reading this! Join our Happy Band of Time Travellers and do your own “research!” ;A useful tip for those who wish to enhance their historical knowledge with a bit of personal research…… …

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Sep 15

Sir Sydney Camm 1893-1966

By Mark Norman Sir Sydney Camm, CBE, FRAeS was an English aeronautical engineer who contributed to many Hawker aircraft designs, from the biplanes of the 1920s to jet fighters. One particularly notable aircraft he designed is the Hawker Hurricane fighter.  Wikipedia 

Aug 04

Johan Swartz – A Tribute

Dr. Johan Swartz, aged 65, died at the Highway Hospice, on Saturday, June 30 2012. I consider myself honoured to have known him as a mentor and friend. He was a man of great integrity and a renowned educator and  researcher in the field of Cognitive Science – the study of human intelligence and the …

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Mar 15

They Lived in the Outer West 3

By Robin LamploughIn the Durban telephone directory for 2004-5 there are over 300 entries for people with the surname Ntuli. They live in areas as widely scattered as KwaMashu and Woodlands, Lamontville and Ntuzuma, Mbumbulu and Dassenhoek. Almost certainly, however, the ancestors of some of these people at least lived in the Outer West.

Feb 01

Opinion Analysis. Prof. Jonathan Jansen

If I had to make the choice with my own children today, I would seriously consider not sending my child to school in South Africa, for one simple reason: I do not trust a system that makes it possible fora child to pass Grade 12 with 30% in some subjects and 40% in other subjects. …

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Jun 06

SANS History/Travel Talk

Technorati Tags: Empires,Civilisations CONQUEST OF THE INCAS  John L. Cooke Following a visit to South America last year, I became very interested in the Incan Empire and its spectacular rise and fall.   In fact, the whole history of the previous Andean civilizations is absolutely fascinating, with amazing cultures flourishing, and then declining, in the two …

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Jun 05

Most analysed artifact in history

Hiding in plain sight?

“It is either the most awesome and instructive relic of Christ in existence or it is one of the most ingenious, most unbelievably clever products of the human mind and hand on record.

It is either one or the other, there is no middle ground.”—Historian John Walsh

Jan 02

Free Software Foundation

  Link to Madam and Eve. Proudly South African!

Dec 04

Understanding History

  History is often simply described as  the ‘study of the past’, but  how do we approach the subject  and try to understand it?   One approach attempts to move away from the old conventional attitude embodied in the ‘great man’ and ‘great nation’  model in our  understanding  of  history. Hitherto there has been too …

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