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Jun 06

Theology, Politics & Literature at Hampton Court

THEOLOGY, POLITICS AND LITERATURE AT HAMPTON COURT A New Book about the King James’s Bible  Review of a new book about the King James Bible by Robin Lamplough The quatercentenary, or 400th anniversary of the publication of the Authorized or King James version of the Bible in 1611 has been marked in a variety of …

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Nov 17

An appeal from Wikipedia founder.

An appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales I got a lot of funny looks ten years ago when I started talking to people about Wikipedia. Let’s just say some people were skeptical of the notion that volunteers from all across the world could come together to create a remarkable pool of human knowledge – all …

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Nov 04

History is about People

By Robin Lamplough Whenever those with an interest in history gather, there is the likelihood that before long the conversation will turn to the nature of the discipline for which they share an enthusiasm. And there are probably as many opinions as there are participants in the colloquy. But one thing is impossible to ignore …

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Apr 23


History is often simply described as  the ‘study of the past’, but  how do we approach the subject  and try to understand it?

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Feb 02

Arthur Fregona

Editor “Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.  That’s our commitment”(Wikimedia Foundation Vision Statement) After graduating from the  University of Natal,  I chose to become an educator and have been a long standing employee of the Education Dept  with my first love being History.Early …

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