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Jun 25

“Amazed am I ere I made Zama”

By Patrick Waterson   Article reproduced here by kind permission of the author.(Graphic enhancement by Ed) Certain words, and phrases when moused over will produce floating “glossary” information for enhanced reading. The title palindrome is rather like the standard reconstruction of Hannibal’s intentions for the battle of Zama. It looks neat but something is missing.” …

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Apr 23

The Reformer who Changed his Name?

MY COMPENDIUM OF FASCINATING HISTORICAL IRRELEVANCIES – 1 Robin Lamplough Anyone with some background in the 19th century history of the Cape Colony will remember the name of Dr John Philip, the superintendent of the London Missionary Society who was blamed for the 50th Ordinance of 1828, which extended rights of citizenship in the colony …

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Apr 22

First ‘Englishman’ to use a Handkerchief?

MY COMPENDIUM OF FASCINATING HISTORICAL IRRELEVANCIES – 2 Robin Lamplough Who would you describe as “the historian’s historian”? My money would be on the late Barbara W. Tuchman, who first achieved professional recognition with The Zimmerman Telegram in 1958 and won a first of two Pulitzer Prizes for The Guns of August (1962). But apart from …

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Apr 22

The first modern suffragettes in the world!

MY COMPENDIUM OF FASCINATING HISTORICAL IRRELEVANCIES –3 Robin Lamplough The Kappie-suffragettes of Natalia- Another South African “First”? After their military victory over the Zulus at the Income, known to the Trekkers as Blood River, the families who had trekked into Natal felt secure enough to settle.  They decided to establish a town on the Boesmansrand, and …

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Mar 15

They Lived in the Outer West 3

By Robin LamploughIn the Durban telephone directory for 2004-5 there are over 300 entries for people with the surname Ntuli. They live in areas as widely scattered as KwaMashu and Woodlands, Lamontville and Ntuzuma, Mbumbulu and Dassenhoek. Almost certainly, however, the ancestors of some of these people at least lived in the Outer West.

Feb 01

Opinion Analysis. Prof. Jonathan Jansen

If I had to make the choice with my own children today, I would seriously consider not sending my child to school in South Africa, for one simple reason: I do not trust a system that makes it possible fora child to pass Grade 12 with 30% in some subjects and 40% in other subjects. …

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Dec 04

They Lived in the Outer West 2- Robin Lamplough

Do you remember the building of the Inanda Dam? Planning began in the 1970’s but, because the affected communities had not been consulted, construction started only in 1984.  These events led to the discovery of new information about people who had lived in the Outer West.

Nov 25

They lived in the Outer West Episode 1

How long have you lived in the Outer West? by Robin Lamplough

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Nov 19

The Ossewa: Triumph of cross cultural interaction

by Robin Lamplough For many South Africans, the ox-wagon is the quintessential symbol of European influence and power: the mainstay of the Great Trek and the primary channel of the economic development which flowed from the discovery of precious minerals in the interior.  Closer examination, however, suggests that this view is incomplete.

Jun 06

SANS History/Travel Talk

Technorati Tags: Empires,Civilisations CONQUEST OF THE INCAS  John L. Cooke Following a visit to South America last year, I became very interested in the Incan Empire and its spectacular rise and fall.   In fact, the whole history of the previous Andean civilizations is absolutely fascinating, with amazing cultures flourishing, and then declining, in the two …

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