Jan 09

Alas Poor Little Colony

Mark Norman
Review by Mark Norman

Alas Little Colony-page-001Volume III
Durban’s heart has always been the bay, described by many early explorers and adventurers to Natal as one of the most beautiful natural maritime refuges in the world.  Ringed with verdant green mangrove forests, the air filled with myriad birds and the sandy shores holding back teaming herds of game, it was in short a veritable garden of Eden.  But to make the bay a port challenges had be to overcome before it could become the steady beating commercial heart which gave Durban, the province of Natal and then the hinterland, life.  Coupled with these challenges was the fact that Natal was always treated as a poor cousin in Empire, and was largely left to fend for itself.

This resulted in a fascinating story of developments at the Point and the Bay that coincided with the rule of Victoria, the foundations of the modern port. This is the story that Prof. Brian Kearney tells. Complete in three volumes, Alas Poor Little Colony is a definitive work chronicling the trials and tribulations of this Herculean task. A must for anyone who is interested in this part of our heritage. Sadly most of us who know and love the City of Durban know that she is in a terminal state of decline. Here is a chance to capture those early days before developers remove all vestiges.

[warning]This is a limited edition of 100 and is only available from the author at a cost of R1, 500.00.
Prof. Kearney can be contacted on e-mail:  rebt@telkomsa.net [/warning]

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